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Iowa River Power Restaurant)

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470 1st Ave/Hayden Fry Way, Coralville IA 52241 us

Get that great coffee flavor from our Single Origin selections:

CostaRica ...a lightly roasted coffee with distinct citrus flavors and a clean, focused finish. 

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe ...from the birthplace of coffee. A customer favorite! 

Winans Blend ...a perfect blend of Columbia, Costa Rica, Kenya and Sumatra for a perfect cup of dark roast coffee.

Honduran Fair Trade... clean, sweet aroma with a nutty chocolate flavor.  A medium roast coffee.

Nicaragua Fair Trade... earthy with a smokey finish. High brightness for a serious coffee taste!

Burundi...Honey, peach blossoms with a sweet wine flavor.

Kenya AA... intense flavor with a citrus aroma

Bali Blue Moon... organic nuanced, flavorful cup that only comes once in a Blue Moon! 

Also, great flavored coffee choices:  Cashew Buttercrunch, Blueberry, Pecan Praline, Highlander Grogg, Chocolate Swiss Almond and more... 

Great coffee!!  Select from our wide variety of Single Origin and FTO coffees.  We brew daily and serve hot.  We also bag coffee beans for the home brewer!  We have a full Espresso bar - try a delicious Latte, a creamy Breve, a Steamer or many other options.