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Candy makers use similar techniques to make the centers of their chocolates which mean many candies will have similar shapes. Here are some basic candy decoding rules to keep in mind: Rectangle and square pieces tend to have chewy or crunchy centers; like a caramel, peanut butter delight or toffee square. Round or oval candies have soft centers; like our candy creams and mint patties. Markings are used to indicate what is inside of a candy. Usually, the marking used on top of a candy is the first letter in the name of the candy; like “M” for meltaway or “B” for butter cream. Toppers are also placed on top of candies to give customers a hint as to what is inside. Our sea salt caramels are sprinkled with sea salt and our cookie dough creams are topped with mini chocolate chips. And here is a key to our most popular box of chocolates, our 1 pound assorted...

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