Established in the early 1900's and in its 4th generation of family ownership, Winans Chocolates and Coffees brings cutting edge flavors and time-tested quality. We have established that urban edge in America's heartland. Winans travels the world in search of consciously traded coffees and cacaos. Our products reflect our commitment to quality and sustainability across the globe.

We proudly present a world of flavor right here at home. You’ll never go back to ordinary.

Mon - Fri     9:00  -  6:00
Saturday    10:00 - 5:00
Sunday        10:00- 3:00

You're about to discover the best resource for premium chocolates (handmade the same way for generations!), freshly roasted coffees (hand sourced worldwide!) and gifts to delight everyone.  You will fall in love with our handcrafted products and our first rate customer care.

           WINANS Chocolates & Coffee Shop

1348 5th St, Coralville, Iowa